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Obermeyer Commissions Turbines for Ball Mountain and Townshend Hydroelectric Projects in Vermont

Obermeyer has provided in-house-designed water turbines for a 2.2 MW power plant on the Ball Mountain Dam in Jamaica, VT and a 0.9 MW power plant on the Townshend Dam in Townshend, VT. Both dams are Army Corps of Engineers flood control dams on the West River in southern Vermont. Obermeyer's innovative turbine design provides an effective way to harness the energy-generating potential of the existing dams. Both the Ball Mountain and Townshend dams have served as vital flood protection infrastructure and recreational resources to the surrounding community since their construction over half a century ago. Because of the economy and efficiency offered by the Obermeyer turbines, the dams will take on a third pivotal role in the region: helping Vermont meet its goal of providing 20% of electricity from new renewable resources by 2017.

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